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Ppjoy Error Installing New Device Drivers Windows 10

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Ppjoy Error Installing New Device Drivers Windows 10

i successfully installed the microsoft hid hid driver from on my windows 7 x86 pc. it recognizes the wii remote pro plus and allows it to work with all pc games as a gamepad with all the normal buttons. it has two problem though. first the buttons are centered on the bottom-left and the right, but when using a gamecube game and/or pc program which requires the player to use the center buttons, it is out-of-place with the rest of the buttons. second the ir receiver flickers and looks very sketchy when using the remotes left button, and even moreso when using the right button in a pair of the wii remotes. since i am used to using the center buttons and i also have a 3rd party remote for the 360 and ps3 controllers i am confused. i was wondering whether this is a conflict with a third party driver or something on my end. (also i am very new to pc gaming so this may be my limited experience at work). thank you for your help!

hello, i just upgraded my i7-3770k, 16gb ram to windows 10 (i like windows 10). but when plugging in my wiimote it does not show up, even though it says connected. i also dont have bluetooth. is there another driver somewhere that i need to install or something

hey guys - i had no luck at all with the dpad-mouse driver.. i have tried the bluetooth version and had no luck. i am kind of stuck at this point :(. i am trying to get a dpad-wiimote(one that comes with bluetooth) to work (without the standard ps3 controller) on windows 10. i have been using the minid`driver (or whatever it is), and that works fine, but for some reason when i plug the wiimote in, i get no mice. any ideas 3d9ccd7d82


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