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Five Nights At Sonic's 2

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Five Nights At Sonic's 2

Five Nights at Sonic's 2 is the second game in the FNaS series where you survive for 8 nights (why are you lying to me) with brand new toy versions of the characters and the broken down withered versions of main characters and new foes

After surviving for five nights, Amy would get their paycheck of 150 Rings on April 25, 2017 and for whatever reason goes do overtime (I guess she just like seeing sonic or something like that) for three more nights. in Night 6 Knuckles tells Amy people think they have been hallucinating some golden figure which will be important later on in the series Amy finish her three nights of overtime. But after Night 8 Amy is now missing according to the newspaper you get for beating Night 8, Luigi is also mentioned in the newspaper and after this the place was shut down.

5th night, Toad started to wind up the music box and he hears vent crawling sounds then closes the right vent. Then he hears something walking in his office then puts his mask on. "Yoshi! (Hey, Mario!)" "H- h- hi, Yoshi! So, uh..... how's day" "What about you You feel a bit pale or something. You sick" "No, it's just something and by the way, you're looking for the endoskeleton (night guard) Well, it's not around here so why don't you find it somewhere else" "Well, that might be a thing an-" "NIGHT GUARD, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT!" "Wait, is that" Oh no, I'm screwed. (Screaming and flashlight turning on) (Eyes burning) "OH GOD, MY EYES! JUST LITERALLY EVERYTIME! I GOT MY HEAD KNOCKED 3 TIMES AND I FEEL-" "Wait, you saw the night guard" "Yeah, it's right over there!" "......... Yoshi (No, it's just Sonic.)" "What! Do you say he is Sonic!" (Flashlight on and off) "GOD DARN IT! If he is Sonic then why does he flash me off!" "Maybe you're scaring him." "SCARING HIM! DO YOU CALL THAT SCARING HIM!" (Flashlight on and off) "I'M GONNA STICK MY HOOK IN YOUR EYE AND HANG ONTO YOUR DEAD!" "Yosh Yosh! (Woah, Tails! Just calm down!" "No and where the hell is Toad! I better call him up here. Toad Toad! Back me up here!" "I don't care if-" (Door closes) "Alright, I wonder what's Sonic doing now. SONIC!" "Hey." "......... okay, we got 2 Sonics." "Yoshi (Cool)" "OH MY GOD, YOSHI. I'LL SLAP YOU!" "Hey, stinky." "What, Mario" "What is going on" "Yoshi! (We're looking for the night guard.)" "HE'S THE NIGHT GUARD!" "Hmmmmm..... sure this guy is Sonic." "Oh God darn it! THAT IS GUY IS SONIC, STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!" "Uh......." "Oh, hi boys!" "Hey, other me!" "Hey" "Don't flirt with me like that, anyway what time is it" "Oh, it's 5:59 and 50 seconds." "5:59! (Grabs mask and throws) HE IS THE NIGHT GUARD!!!" "The night guard!" "Night guard" "BattErIEs!" (Flashlight not working) (Wears mask) "No, wait guys! I'm Sonic! Just chi- OH GOD!" (Screaming noises) (Clock shines) (Toad panting) "Oh, it's finally o- (puking out crap) time to- (puking out crap) finish the tasks I got eariler... (puking out crap)" And so it happens, Toad gets fired for accidental tampering but is given a second chance with a proper job that would be fitting for him. On one day, Tails goes onto investigate the place for 5 nights due to strange things happening inside the building. During his job, he gets a phone call from Toad, a former night guard before Tails, fired for tampering but was a accident then given a second chance, "Hello" "Hello Oh, hi! I'm" "Toad!" "Yeah, that's me! Looks like you're the new guard here!" "Well, sure thing I am." "Today, I'll be your guide but I won't be around at the overnight shift so, here is some introduction about the place. It's a legal thing to say: Welcome to Sonic and Mario's Pizza World: Robot Entertainment! A brand new opened restaurant after a bunch of reports and incidents, a brand new and safe looking restaurant is opened for kids and grown-ups, not to be worried about criminals! This place brings fantasy and fun come to life! Sonic's Robot Entertainment. INC, which was actually Sonic's Clone Production. INC, does not take any responsibility over death or property damage but I assure you'll safe here for now but only for a while. "What you mean by that" "You see, the robots are made to have functional facial recognition, advanced mobility, they even let them walk around during the day but the problem is the robots don't have a proper "night mode" and look for people then they'll think you're an endoskeleton but no worries! We give you double protective character masks which it'll allow the animatronics walk away! Is it that easy" "Well, yeah Toad but there are no doors." "They only gave it to the vents." "Well, I see then." "By the way, you need to put on the right mask so that'll fool them but you need to make sure you put on the right one but if you don't, they'll stuff you inside." "Were there many dead people, stuffed inside" "Hmmmm, no, not a single person but I what I mean is we got a lot of dead people here then reopened with a new one then children got missing then reopened again in this current state. It was a lot to cover up for now. Anyway, you'll need to do tasks before the clock says 9 A.M so anyway, use the doors wisely, don't keep your lights on too much and keep the box winded up! It's at the Prize Counter and have a good night. *Click* "Alright..... here I go!"

SDK15 (Formally SDK14) : Inspiring me to learn how to model.1ianmario (Ian Coleman) : Creating the original FNaS2: -nights-at-sonic-s-2/47619Also some inspiration from Fazbear's Return 5 -s-return-saga/140294CooL-man: For helping find bugs. 59ce067264


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