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a mixed-dry profile is a mixed-textured profile in which the material is comprised of fine sand, coarser sand, and either clay or silt. the soil with this profile type is also composed of fine sand, silt and organic matter.

profile maker 5 is a free application that creates a 2-d map of all your profiles, as well as a simple-to-use interface for recording, sharing, and analyzing individual profile patterns. some features are: all fields can be rotated. fields can be automatically arranged on the map. the complete set of profiles on a site can be displayed in a zoomable time-line to highlight changing profile patterns during time.

all site selections are visible on a map, but can be turned on and off to show only selected, selected profiles or all profiles. the application supports any file format for soil samples and profiles; e.g. srtm soil maps, soil profile format, wmts, and esri shapefiles and cep files. lest you think you are giving all this information to a map company, the useful information is open for anyone to use. the database is installed locally.

all profiles can be copied to a portable device for sharing, email, or printing, either in vector format for use with corel draw, or in arcgis shapefile format. you can also export multiple profiles as one shapefile file, and save the shapefile in any format you prefer.

it was developed by a group of volunteers based in sunny santa cruz, california, whose aim was to provide a free, user-friendly tool for creating rich, dynamic soil profile maps and understanding this vital information. 3d9ccd7d82


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