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Oak Barrels

Have a
Splash, Glass or Bottle with us!

Wine and Cheese

Letite I.

Fontana, CA

"Thank you for another amazing Wine Me Up event, it was beautiful.  You really spoiled us once again. I fully enjoyed my Saturday spending it with my Wine Me Up sisters. Cheers!"

Stacey R. 

Moreno Valley, CA

"Once again WINE ME UP did it again, what an amazing event we had on this SEXY SATURDAY! Wine tasting, Candle Master making, Mixology in the building, food, fun and laughter.  You have done an awesome job. Thank you"

Jocelyn E.

La Palma, CA

“Thank you! I had a great time. I can tell there was so much time and energy spent planning this event.  You are amazing!!"
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